July 2017

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  • Moldova mea

    A beautiful song and an extraordinary voice.   Thank you Nelly Ciobanu!   This song definitely encapsulates the love for Moldova, such a wonderful country we would like to help you discover soon …

  • Foreign tourists come and look in Moldova for what they don’t have at home

    The following article was written by Natalia Munteanu, and published by Moldnova on 21 July 2017, and translated in English by Marc Pilkington https://moldnova.eu/ro/turistii-straini-cauta-moldova-ce-nu-au-acasa-19172.html/ The Republic of Moldova does not enjoy a touristic reputation, and foreign tourists come here mostly out of curiosity. However, those who choose to visit our country are attracted by gastronomy, […]

  • Capriarna Monastery

    At Capriana monastery, the bell calls us … The first data regarding the existence of this monastic settlement, registered under the name of “the monastery of Vâşnovăţ where the abbot of Chiprian lives”, dates back from 1429. By this act Alexandru cel Bun donated the monastery on the valley of the river Vâşnovăţ to his […]

  • Who wants to know about the legend of Scoreni?

     THE FABULOUS LEGEND OF SCORENI   Home longing called me In the green forests   Moldova is full of picturesque places. Some are well known tourist attractions, and others are hidden from the eyes of the world, waiting to be discovered. One of these places is the village of Scoreni  in the Straseni district, situated […]

  • Top 10 tourism destinations in Moldova

    BEAUTIFUL MOLDOVA TOP 10 TOURISM DESTINATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA “Hospitality, Tradition, Mystery”. This is the tourism slogan meant to represent the Republic of Moldova in the world. “We represent ourselves, as a country, we have traditions and customs, but at the same time we are underestimated, we are mysterious.” So spoke Mr. Nicolae […]

  • Saharna Monastery

    Saharna Monastery – Bassarabia’s Revealed Paradise! “The monastery is the tent of heaven, the house of God, the gate of heaven, the place of fulfillment, the heaven on earth and the place where the love of God is displayed ” Părintele Teofil Părăian (1929 – 2009) Steps leading you to the founding of the World, […]