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Moldova is full of picturesque places. Some are well known tourist attractions, and others are hidden from the eyes of the world, waiting to be discovered. One of these places is the village of Scoreni  in the Straseni district, situated in the valley of Isnovăţ, 18 km North-West of Chisinau. Surrounded by three parts of the forest, it houses a breathtaking view. According to the statistical dictionary of Bessarabia, published in 1923, the village of Scoreni dates back from 1718.

This is how the legend of the village of Scoreni goes:

“The venerable monk Miron and the beautiful Mary, who were in love with each other, left the vault of  Capriana monastery and, while hiding from the eyes of the world, they lived in the hillside on the shores of the lake, thus laying the foundations of the village of Scoreni”.

It is hard to tell how much truth this legend contains, but from the most ancient genealogical sources, we find that the nickname or surname Miron has been widespread since the village exists. The name Scoreni comes from the word ‘scăreni’, which means screech in Romanian. Scăreni is nothing else than the description in a single word of the staircase-like surrounding relief of the village, the stairs on the hills of the village. These stairs-waves are still observed today, and the change from Scăreni to Scoreni could easily have occurred because all the old scrolls were written in Slavonic. For the scribes of that time, the slavon word “Scoreni” was better understood, meaning “fast”, than the word coming from the Latin root Scăreni.

Ever since the couple of lovers who founded the town until today, Scoreni has been in constant development. So it currently has almost five thousand inhabitants. Although this village, like many others, suffered from the phenomenon of migration, the remaining people managed, however, to keep it alive, clean and neat. The fact that the middle school in the village morphed into high school for a few years, and that a renovated kindergarten reopened its doors for young people, demonstrates this.
Soon one of the biggest problems of the inhabitants was solved – the access road to the village was paved. We could not have been more joyful. It’s a dream I did not think would ever happen. But with “perseverance” we managed to build a European road to our home, “declared the Mayor of the village, Svetlana Tăbăcaru.

Another surprise for those who dare to venture on a trip through the woods of Scoreni is an old tree that is over 500 years of age. According to the legend, the Lord of Moldova, Stephen the Great and the Holy One, returning with his army from a tough struggle with the Turks passed through these places. Exhausted, he sat down to rest in the shade of an oak. Since then, the villagers have proudly referred to the Tree of Stephen the Great.

Another thing that certainly does not go unnoticed is the TV antenna, higher than the Eiffel tower in Paris. The mathematics of the antenna is simple – 357 meters of iron confers to Scoreni the 6th place in Europe in the hierarchy of the highest towers.



At Scoreni, the village at the heart of the Codri reserve, the air is purer, the grass is greener while the sky is more serene, and baths in the rainbow!

We are waiting for you here to discover together the villages of Moldova


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