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Hospitality – The Business Card of Moldovans

    Hospitality – The Business Card of Moldovans



¨ I have much hope in this land of ours… Whose good and dignified heart is shown also in the usual hospitality, which it has inherited from its ancestors¨



Social science researchers on Moldova’s culture and liveslyle have noted the roots of Moldovan hospitality, although they are part of the moral qualities of the national character. Above all traits, Moldovans show hospitality. They will never leave a guest or a stranger, without proposing to serve food on the table.
On the generosity and hospitality of the Moldovans, Dimitrie Cantemir also wrote these words of praise to describe the Moldovans: “The way foreign guests and hikers are welcomed is worth the highest praise, for the poor never yet cease to provide food and accommodation to guests, and give them shelter for three days,  and let them a horse for free.
The Moldovan in essence is believed to be extremely hospitable to relatives and friends, but especially to foreigners. It is said that most of the foreigners visiting Moldovan localities remain flabbergasted by the unconditional openness and dedication offered by their hosts, a trait that can be applied almost universally to the inhabitants of this country.
Anyone who passes the threshold of a house, a relative, a close friend, or even a stranger, will be invited to the table. In the village, guests will be given some wine, served with nuts, desert or a delicious Moldovan pie called Învârtita. With a bit of luck, the guests will be served in the traditional jug with homemade wine and traditional dishes. On special occasions, guests are invited to taste traditional Moldovan dishes: pork, sheep, cheese and pork steak, rabbit.

The Moldovan likes to pride himself with handmade objects that he has confectioned himself to be acknowledged as household man. That is why, when he has guests, he does not miss the opportunity to show them (i.e. to pride himself with) his household, his family and his garden, his library etc

Moldovans value very much kin relationships. Kin must help each other and support each other in all situations, while if one of them is invited somewhere, kin host him/her with very great attention and care.

Of particular importance in communicating with guests is the knowledge of the language, the knowledge of the rules of hospitality, the willingness to get acquainted and the expansion of friendship. All the more important today are the rules of hospitality in the conditions of migration and the expansion of cultural-economic relations, official relations and kinship with foreign guests at the level of professional meetings, as well as personal and family contacts.

One of the most elaborate stages of hospitality is to make gifts to the guests (local souvenirs, handmade objects, drinks, confectionery as attention or memory, party and invitation for new visits in the future).

To conclude, we understand that Moldovans are warm, friendly and hospitable people. Is not this our own business card as a people, but also the most important gift we can offer to those who cross our threshold for the first time?


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