Dental tourism: more and more foreigners come to Moldova to treat their dental problems

Translated from an article published on, a Moldovan news platform

Turism stomatologic: Tot mai mulți străini vin în Moldova pentru a-și trata problemele dentare Citește mai mult

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Dental tourism: more and more foreigners come to Moldova to treat their dental problems

Foreigners come to Moldova not only to taste the wine and the culinary delights, but also to have a beautiful smile. In recent years, a new business has flourished in our country: dental tourism. Most patients attracted by quality dental services come from Italy, France and the UK.

Janet Bell arrived in Chisinau after several friends told her about quality dental services in Moldova.

“He advised an Italian to come with his husband to Chisinau. He treated his teeth here and was pleased, so we came.”

Carmela Russo is for the third time in Moldova. To have a magazine smile, the woman entrusted her teeth to the doctors.

“Moldovan doctors are not just professionals but also very patient, unlike Italians.”

Mihail Ceropita decided to make a deal on this phenomenon. He set up a firm that consults patients remotely. The interested person sends a radiograph of teeth, and doctors tell him what he has, and estimates the cost of treatment. After that, the patient is assisted to find transport and accommodation, and in Chisinau he receives an assistant and a translator.

“About 70 percent are Italians, they are the most open to this type of travel, then the French come – about 15 percent.” About five percent are Spanish, English.

Dentists say that the number of foreign patients increases during the warm period of the year, when people have holidays. Affordable prices attract tourists like a magnet.

“On average, the price of a dental implant in the Republic of Moldova starts at 200-250 euros. In Europe, it costs at least twice as expensive.”

In the last seven years, Mihai Ceropita’s firm has offered assistance to at least one thousand foreigners who have received dental treatment in our country.

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