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7th edition of the Soroca Apple Festival

On Sunday 17 September, the Soroca Cantonal Council (Moldova) will organize the 7th edition of the National Apple Festival. For visitors, there will be plenty of activities to make this day a true celebration for fruit growers and those who enjoy their savourous taste!





09.00 Exhibition by municipalities and economic actors: produceers of apples  and propagating material of vine varieties, handicrafts (near the fortress).
09.00 – 14.30 Marketing of agricultural products (near the fortress).
09.30 Costume contest dedicated to the National Festival of Apple.
10.00 Competition organized by the City Council, competition for the best apple exhibition by economic actors, culinary competition.
10.00 Artistic bands and students in costumes, festival representatives (from the Place de la Liberté to the citadel, Ştefan cel Mare and Decebal str.).
10.30 Opening of the National Marshal’s Festival (opposite the fortress).
10.50 – 11.50 Theatrical show “I brought you an apple” (in the city).
11.00 The city of children with games, entertainment, contests and clowns (the park near the fortress).
12h00 – 13h30 Visit of the exhibitions.
12h00 – 13h30 Musical show with the participation of the group “Tharmis”.
13.00 Presentation of the awards to the winners of the Festival’s competitions.

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