Dental care with our partner Asident

Come to Moldova, receive dental care at unbeatable prices (from four to ten times cheaper than in Western Europe or North America). ASIDENT is our partner of choice, a dental clinic in the heart of Chisinau with a multilingual staff, known for its professionalism and high quality medical services.

We have a shared vision: quality, reliability and satisfaction are our mantras.


Examples of dental care services

  • Professional teeth cleaning (scaling+airflow+polishing) : 50 euro
  • Investigations (panoramic radiography+computed tomography – maxilla and mandible) : 40 euro
  • Dental implant (AlphaBio – Israel) : 250 euro
  • Dental implant ( Megagen – South Korea) : 300 euro
  • Metal-ceramic crown on AlphaBio implant + abutment : 150 euro
  • Metal-ceramic crown on Megagen implant + abutment : 200 euro
  • Temporary crown on AlphaBio implant : 70 euro
  • Temporary crown on Megagen implant : 150 euro
  • Metal-ceramic crown : 80 euro
  • Zirconia-based ceramic crown : 220 euro

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