Nicolae Costin – at the Grand National Assembly Square on December 16, 1990 (against remaining in the Soviet Union)

Nicolae Costin – at the Grand National Assembly Square on December 16, 1990 (against remaining in the Soviet Union)



“In the Book of our Nation, the name of Nicolae Costin will be inscribed in golden letters as one of the most precious sons of this people!”, -Ion Ungureanu predicted on February 18, 1995, at the funeral of the first post-war Romanian mayor of Chisinau (1990-1994) ,  who, on January 28, 2017, went to Heaven … to Nicholas, to Grigore, to Adrian, to Dumitru, to Leonida, and to his other brothers for the Reunification of the Romanian Nation.

Bessarabia (the historical name of Moldova) lost on February 16, 1995, a man of the National Cause, a perpetrator of History, the professor and the mayor of Chisinau, Nicolae Costin, a man of character, a brilliant mind, a visionary, a honest dignitary with integrity, one of the leaders of the National Renaissance Movement of Post-war Bessarabia, co-founder and executive president of the Moldovan People’s Front.

Mayor Nicolae Costin patriot hero who un-bolchevized and un-siberiaized Chisinau (expression borrowed the mayor’s wife, Iuliana Gorea-Costin), renaming city streets (700 blocks, of which only about 20 were Romanian, according to the linguist Vlad Pohilă) ; has restored the historical toponymy of the city’s sectors; and the Minister of Culture, Ion Ungureanu restored the monument of Stefan cel Mare in his historical place, Great Romania while the engineer Constantin bushel, first deputy prime minister then, removed the statue of comrade. Lenin from the center of Chisinau!



His other two great achievements, and strategic moves, are:

1.) initiation of the founding of the territorial-administrative entity – Chisinau municipality (Chisinau city + dozens of rural localities around), in order to dilute the allogeneous electorate from the wildly rusified capital;

2.) distribution of central, historical buildings, editorial offices, creative people, national institutions, as well as the offering of apartments to Moldovans, including for a number of personalities living in hostels

Regretfully enough, Nicolae Costin, born in Great Romania (1936), left this world without having fulfilled at least two major dreams:

1.) Moving Mihai Eminescu’s bust into the center of the Classics Avenue, in the place of A.S. Pushkin, who was to be seated in a new Alee – that of the classics of universal literature, perpendicular to the Romanian one;

2.) Reunification of Bessarabia with Romania, for which he pleaded and fought for openly!

These dreams were not fulfilled, because he was killed by the secret services – irradiated with radioactive substances, which caused him the killer leukemia, as you will also learn from this interview called for by the mayor’s driver, my colleague Gheorghe Budeanu …

Wait for me, because I plan to come back in good health,

Hope until the last moment to heal … The last frames with Nicolae Costin, in January 1995, before undergoing treatment in Germany, the video capture from the documentary film by director Victor Bucataru, made in 2005

There are very few remaining audio / video documents with Nicolae Costin (they were taken care of by the communists everywhere to be destroyed!) … Do you remember that the news about the death and funerals of the mayor Nicolae Costin had not been broadcasted by radio-agrarian television?

And yet, we found a precious AUDIO archive with Prof. Nicolae Costin, a frightened patriot and a talented orator!
The fire in the hearth, in 2000 on Radio Moldova, the speech of mayor Nicolae Costin at the Great National Assembly on December 16, 1990, with the martyr Dumitru Matcovschi, for the first time after the tragic road accident, organized by the Popular Front against the plebiscite initiated by Mihail S. Gorbachev, for the maintenance of the USSR. As it is now well known, for over three months, the Socialist Soviet Republic of Moldova boycotted the Union Referendum after March 1991, just as the three Baltic countries and Georgia did!

If we had been united and led by wise leaders and strategists such as Nicolae Costin, we would have achieved crucial victories now, because we do not have shepherds and bells, of the same calibre…

Nicolae Costin, the man who changed Chişinău’s face (quoted from an essay by the writer Vlad Pohila), let us. never forget it that we have the duty to fulfill the dreams that he could not accomplish here on Earth!

 Images from the film  “Nicolae Costin” in memoriam

But in spite all our troubles, our dream for centuries must be fulfilled.

There is no other path.


Article originally published on 16.02.2018 reproduced courtesy of FlacaraTV in Moldova

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