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Eugen Doga, the Moldovan Musical Genius


Eugen Doga is one of the most famous Moldovans in the whole world.

He was born on March 1, 1937 at the dawn of the ritual festival of Mărțișor in the village of Mocra, Rîbniţa district, situated on the left bank of the Dniester, in picturesque northeastern Moldova. Eugen Doga reminds us on his website that he was born on the first day of spring, 1937, under the sign of the sun, warmth and rebirth.

Though considered a romantic, he has composed music of all genres and styles, thereby making him a very prolific and versatile composer. He has composed three ballets “Luceafărul”, “Venancia”, and “Queen Margot”, the opera “Dialogues of Love”, more than 100 instrumental and choral works, many symphonies, 6 quartets, “Requiem”, church music, and also music for theater plays, radio shows, for more than 200 movies, more than 260 songs and romances, 70 waltzes.

He is also the author of works for children, and the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 1980 in Moscow

He is considered a musical genius, and is included in the list of the twenty best and most frequently performed composers of the twentieth century.

In Moldova, the years 2007 and 2017 (when the composer celebrated his 70th and 80t birthdays, respectively) were declared the Year of Eugen Doga. Chișinău’s main pedestrianised thoroughfare has been named Eugen Doga Street in his honour.


Video: My Sweet and Tender Beast – Waltz by Eugen Dog



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