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  • Ohreiul Vechi in the Autumn

    In September, an acclaimed article by Irina Staver  (according to our web analytics tools and many emails we received), had already emphasized the beauty of Moldova in the autumn, arguably the most poetic and magical season of the year. Today, courtesy Mrs Maria Ginu-Chisca , we wish to share some more beautiful pictures with you. […]

  • Dubai – a new route starting from 23 November

    Starting from November 23, Air Moldova opens a new route to Dubai. The new flight will be operated twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, on comfortable Airbus 319 according to the following schedule (local time): departure from Chisinau at 21:50; arrival to Dubai – 04:50 departure from Geneva at 06:50; arrival to Chisinau – […]

  • Tourism for Development in Moldova

    Disclaimer: the present article is the original academic work at the origin of the Moldova Tours 2.0 project; in a way, this work is the conceptual genitor of the website. It was drafted shortly before my arrival in Moldova in 2015. No citation of this article should be made by referring to the url […]

  • Chisinau International Marathon 2017

    Chisinau International Marathon 2017 | PROMO

  • The autumn in Moldova

    ¨The autumn.. In Moldova, the autumn…¨ Warm autumn, light wind Leaves – scattered, I picked up in my palm Wishes for Moldova! A new autumn is knocking on the the door of the summer, just to be welcomed, and to bring with it all the wonderful gifts that it holds: beautiful colourful landscapes, fruit in […]