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  • The autumn in Moldova

    ¨The autumn.. In Moldova, the autumn…¨ Warm autumn, light wind Leaves – scattered, I picked up in my palm Wishes for Moldova! A new autumn is knocking on the the door of the summer, just to be welcomed, and to bring with it all the wonderful gifts that it holds: beautiful colourful landscapes, fruit in […]

  • (Română) Cele mai frumoase locuri din Moldova

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

  • ETHNO JAZZ Festival 2017

    Moldova is proud to host the sixteenth edition of the ETHNO JAZZ Festival 2017 in 4 cities (Chisinau, Cahul, Soroca Tiraspol), 9 bands from 14 countries of the world, 3 days of concerts in Chisinau, well-known musicians, a select program and as usual – the best of the best. See the event program below. September […]

  • Twenty strange (and less strange) facts about Moldovans

    20 strange (and less strange) facts about Moldovans by Irina Staver     Photo: Moldova, by definition, is a land of contrast. Foreigners visiting this country are pleasantly surprised by the beauty and picturesque locations, the hospitality of the locals, the tasty cuisine and the special wines. At the same time, we affirm with […]

  • 7th edition of the Soroca Apple Festival

    On Sunday 17 September, the Soroca Cantonal Council (Moldova) will organize the 7th edition of the National Apple Festival. For visitors, there will be plenty of activities to make this day a true celebration for fruit growers and those who enjoy their savourous taste!       Programme 09.00 Exhibition by municipalities and economic actors: […]

  • The best tourism 2.0 company in Moldova?

    – “Hello everybody, I hope you had some nice holidays – yes, yes, great, thank you Madam!!! – OK now a very easy question just to begin the lesson: What is the best tourism 2.0 company in Moldova? Raise your hand if you know. – I know, I know, Madam!!!” *************************** Moldova Tours 2.0 wishes […]

  • Medieval Festival 2017 Vatra

    Medieval Festival (Third Edition)   A grandiose event that reflects the history of the 12th-16th centuries with the involvement and participation of historical reconstitution clubs and archers from the Republic of Moldova and across Europe. Visitors will be able to admire the parade of historical reconnaissance clubs and archers, theater performances with troubadours and knights, […]

  • Moldova, an unknown Eastern land

    Moldova, an unknown Eastern land A country with a complex identity       The offspring of  the break-up of the USSR, this country as big as Belgium is trying to invent itself a destiny. Torn between the East and the West, this nation displays the rural symbols of France in the 1950s. Its monasteries […]

  • Independence Day

    A year ago, Moldova was celebrating its 25th anniversary of its independence.     Today, we celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Independence of the country. Happy Independence Day Moldova! La mulți ani Republica Moldova !!!