Code of Conduct

Dear users of Moldova Tours 2.0 Interactive Forum,

Hereafter please find the code of conduct that you agree to comply with when using the community services of this forum.

These services have been designed to help you share your experiences with other Internet users wherever they come from in the world, whatever their interest in Moldova might be, to find answers to your questions, to share your stories about Moldova, to meet other people in Moldova cyberspace or in reality…

This virtual platform belongs to you, so please accept the code of conduct so that you can spend some pleasant and constructive moments, and be part of the future largest 2.0 community of people who want share ideas, feelings, pictures, videos, memories, projects about Moldova. So what are the rules?

1. These are are very obvious rules if you want to use our services in all security and serenity.

  • By using Moldova Tours 2.0 forum, you agree to comply with the totality of these rules.
  • Politeness and good manners: respect the other users, choose courteous words, do not get angry if somebody does not agree with you… Consult paragraph 3 “politeness and good manners”.
    All defamatory, offensive, insulting, racist, obscene comments are strictly prohibited on the platform. Consult paragraph 4 “prohibited comments and material on the website”.
  • Never disclose your personal details (email, telephone number) on the forum. See paragraph 3 “fundamental principles”.

2. The role of the moderator.

Our moderator is here to enforce the code of conduct to keep this virtual exchange platform free and pleasant for everybody in harmony with the laws of the Republic of Moldova, the country where our managing company is registered.

The missions of the moderators are the following

  • To delete messages or discussions that do not comply with the code of conduct.
  • To delete profiles that are harmful to the smooth functioning of our community, for instance by means of insulting and provocative messages, political and religious proselytism etc.
    This also applies to multiple profile users on the same forum. This amounts to dishonesty vis-à-vis other users. Therefore it is not admitted on Moldova Tours 2.0.
  • To answer your specific requests and alerts.
  • To delete all prohibited comments on the website, such as racist, defamatory, insulting, offensive, xenophobic, racist comments…
    Whether these comments are implicit or explicit, they will be deleted.
  • To withdraw all illicit text, picture, video on the website.
  • To withdraw all personal ads with a commercial dimension.

The moderator always intervenes ex post, he never interferes in the discussions of the community to give his/her opinion or on the occasion of a disagreement to takes sides with one of the users.

If you are under the impression that a message violates the code of conduct, please inform the moderator by clicking on the “Alert” button. If that does not suffice or if the problem is more complex, please contact us by using the contact form below .

NB: all requests or contact attempts must be initiated by using one of these tools. All other requests or contact attempts will not be processed.

3. Fundamental principles.

Be respectful of and make sure that the code of conduct is respected. You own experience will be enhanced! If you encounter a problem, please signal to the moderator.

* Languages used on Moldova Tours 2.0 Interactive forum

Messages must be posted in French or English only. Why is it so? These are major international languages today. Probably much more so for English but French is a very popular foreign language in the Republic of Moldova too. We believe that with these two languages, the target audience of the forum is maximised.
Romanian and Russian are known by a lot of people, but not enough by people from Western Europe or in America. There is also another down-to-earth reason: English and French are the native languages of the founder of Moldova Tours 2.0.

* Personal data

We recommend that you never communicate your postal address, email address, telephone number or any other personal information directly on the forum.
If you wish to interact directly with a user in private mode, use the private messages icon.

We remind you that whatever is posted on blogs, forums, chat rooms may potentially be referenced by search engines, and that it is in your interest not to communicate personal information about yourself.

* Spam and publicity

We remind you that publicities are prohibited on the forum, and will be automatically deleted by the moderator. For any other question, please consult the paragraph “publicity”.

It is not useful to post several times the same comment or create several times the same discussion. If nobody answers you, it may be for the following reasons:

  • This question has already been asked several times ; look for answers in existing discussions by using the search engine.
  • Users may not know the answer. Please consult our info pages on Moldova Tours 2.0 to obtain the answer from one of our redactors or journalists.
  • You wrote in SMS language and nobody understood you (please avoid text messaging slang like LOL, MDR = LOL in French, OMG…) etc.
  • You asked a question without saying hello or please.
  • You wrote in capital letters or you made too many spelling mistakes.
  • Your question is not relevant to the forum in question.
  • Please formulate your question elsewhere in another more relevant forum.

* Reportin the moderator

This function allows you to signal to the moderator inappropriate, defamatory, offensive comments or prohibited commercial ads, violated rules etc..

Alert the moderator by clicking on the report link. The moderator will be automatically informed and will handle the request. Don’t worry if you do not receive any direct response from him. Please don’t make any abusive use of this button, this is important.

* Why have I been banned from Moldova Tours 2.0?

The moderator has suppressed your profile for one of the following reasons:

  • You did not respect the code of conduct.
  • Many users have complained about your behaviour.
  • You have advertised or spammed in an abusive way.
  • You made some prohibited publicity.
  • You posted some prohibited comments.

All these reasons are serious enough, if you do not comply with the code of conduct, your profile will be automatically deleted from Moldova Tours 2.0 as well as all your past comments.