Is there any active network of NGOs in Transnistria?

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    Source: Center for Innovation and Social Development

    Today businesses, associations, governments and individuals work on the evolution of our society towards a more responsible world.

    Center for Innovation and Social Development is  a non-profit, non-political organization which was formed in 2014 due to the ambitions of the team to engage experts, citizens and non–profits in finding new solutions and innovative ideas for identifying and solving regional difficulties in Transnistria.


    Identification, promotion and development of innovative ideas and social projects in order to increase human capital and sustainable development of the region in the social, economic and cultural spheres through research, education, counseling and advocacy.


    We see Transnistria as a developing region with active civil society and socially responsible business, where poverty is overcome and people live in dignity and security. Innovation Center – the center of effective action for innovative sustainable development and human growth.


    Our team attracts local and international experts for promotion and introduction of innovative techniques and projects. The CISD is united by common values, professionalism and a desire to promote equal dialogue, wide participation and in-depth collaboration among academia, industry, government, social organizations and citizens. CISD wish to create platform which advances international communication, dialogue and collaboration using innovative methods and social responsibility.


    CISD has a mission to help people and organizations bring great ideas to life. We are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve all our lives, with activities ranging from early–stage investment to in–depth research and practical programs.

    Creating Capacities for Change is the process by which individuals, organizations and institutions enhance and organize their systems, resources and knowledge. The degree of capacity development is reflected in their abilities, individually and collectively, to perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives. CISD assists stakeholders to develop and implement effective learning and innovation processes by variety of ways: through projects, consultancy work, research and training. We provide a range of services, which we combine with specialist knowledge, organized around our programs.


    Promote the development of social entrepreneurship, responsible society and business;
    Innovate youth sector and education system by implementing international projects including academic mobility, youth exchange and research;
    Prepare highly qualified professionals through the organization of training programs and refresher courses;
    Develop a culture of innovation among entrepreneurs, government officials, as well as the population, introduce and promote innovative achievements;
    Accumulate the best practices, stimulate investment activities;
    Promote innovative peace initiatives and confidence building activities;
    Facilitate cooperation across sectors by building a network of academic institutes, governments, business and NGOs in the region and internationally.


    Academic and scientific research
    Consulting and Advocacy
    Educational and training Programs
    Publishing, public awareness
    Charitable assistance


    Social Innovation in Public Policy
    Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship
    Social Economy, Social Impact Assessment
    Civil Society Development
    Human Rights protection
    Peace building, Conflict resolution

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