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  • The Moldova Tours 2.0 team

  • The Moldova Tours 2.0 team is made of a blend of personalities and skills (academic, literary, P.R., tourism, digital marketing etc) that complement each other, and give to this company a unique cachet and tourism flavour.

Meet Our Team

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    Marc Pilkington

    — Founder and Owner of Moldova Tours 2.0

    Marc is a French and British national (dual citizenship). He worked as an associate professor of economics in Dijon, Burgundy, France before moving to Moldova. Marc has a Master of Science in International Business from London South Bank University and a PhD in economics from the university of Burgundy. Marc has authored several research papers about Moldova including one academic book chapter about tourism 2.0 and Moldova Tours 2.0.

    Marc supervises the strategy  of Moldova Tours 2.0.

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    —Digital Marketing Manager

    Adrian has been working for more than nine years in the online/IT business industry. After six years at a web design company in the quality of Project Manager, where he managed the process of delivering websites to more than 300 clients, over the last three years, he has worked as an online marketing manager for two local online projects, where he was responsible for marketing campaigns, social media planning & strategies and continuously developing the websites so that he kept up-to-date with the latest trends.
    Adrian is giving a 2.0 touch to our tourism platform




    — Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova (operator),  TEFL Teacher, Administrator

    Dorina has experience in providing legal advice and consular assistance to Moldovan and foreign citizens. She can provide assistance to foreigners willing to enter Moldova regarding visa requirements. Dorina is a part-time English teacher in one of the top private schools of the capital Chisinau. She holds a Masters degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Academy of Public Administration, Chisinau. She is trilingual Romanian/Russian/English  and has a conversational level in Italian. She has lived in Moldova and Odessa, Ukraine where she will help organise and coordinate excursions for clients of Moldova Tours 2.0. Dorina will be the new administrator of Moldova Tours 2.0 from 01.04.2018 onwards.



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    —Self-employed Accredited Guide in the Republic of Moldova, extensive knowledge of Moldovan History, Art and Culture.

    Laurentia previously worked as a journalist, and she has extensive knowledge of Moldovan History, Geography, Art and Culture. She has worked as a freelance guide for 15 years in Moldova. She collaborates with Moldova Tours 2.0 for occasional tours and visits. Laurentia speaks perfect Romanian, Russian and English. Laurentia accompanies the guests and offers guided visits in English in Moldova and Transnistria.

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