• The Return to Innocence in Moldova

    While touring the small roads winding through the vineyards, walking through the sunflower fields and the verdant pastures, the bucolic and romantic waterfalls, the beautiful monasteries carved into the limestone cliffs, not to forget the festive spirit that reigns in Chisinau, a first visit to the Republic of Moldova somewhat amounts to a return to […]

  • Moldova’s demographics

    The female population exceeds the male one There are more women than men in Moldova, the proportion being 100 women to 93 men. This ratio varies by age group. Men predominate in the 0-14 and 15-34 age groups: 106 men per 100 women and 104 men per 100 women, respectively. The differences are more pronounced […]

  • Tourism in Moldova

    Every year, thousands of tourists visit the Republic of Moldova The picturesque stretches, the quiet atmosphere and the internationally renowned wines attract thousands of tourists from the whole world. Watch this video and find out what tourists who have visited Moldova think of it.

  • Why This Poor Country Has the World’s Best Internet

     By James Watkins • FEB 28 2018 Why you should care Because the rest of the world could learn a lot from Moldova. Moldova 47.411631° N, 28.369885° S view map Population  4,051,212 Spoken Languages  Romanian, Russian GDP Per Capita  $5,328 Capital City Chisinau It’s the ultimate First World problem: When your video call freezes for […]

  • Let’s raise a glass of wine in Moldova

    Let’s raise a glass of wine in Moldova Video sources: Agency of Tourism of the Republic of Moldova   Music: Peter Gundry – Precious Things Lay Hidden

  • Developers in Moldova: where do they fit into the Eastern European outsourcing market?

    This article was written by Tristan Senvcia, and published on 15 December, 2017 on It is of interest to our prospective clients interested in the Moldova Corporate Tour 2.0 Developers in Moldova: Where They Fit into the Eastern European Outsourcing Market? Tristan Senycia Wine, Java, Web & PHP Developers, Moldova’s contribution to the Global […]

  • Tourism for Development in Moldova

    Disclaimer: the present article is the original academic work at the origin of the Moldova Tours 2.0 project; in a way, this work is the conceptual genitor of the website. It was drafted shortly before my arrival in Moldova in 2015. No citation of this article should be made by referring to the url […]

  • The autumn in Moldova

    ¨The autumn.. In Moldova, the autumn…¨ Warm autumn, light wind Leaves – scattered, I picked up in my palm Wishes for Moldova! A new autumn is knocking on the the door of the summer, just to be welcomed, and to bring with it all the wonderful gifts that it holds: beautiful colourful landscapes, fruit in […]

  • ETHNO JAZZ Festival 2017

    Moldova is proud to host the sixteenth edition of the ETHNO JAZZ Festival 2017 in 4 cities (Chisinau, Cahul, Soroca Tiraspol), 9 bands from 14 countries of the world, 3 days of concerts in Chisinau, well-known musicians, a select program and as usual – the best of the best. See the event program below. September […]