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  • Tourism for Development in Moldova

    Disclaimer: the present article is the original academic work at the origin of the Moldova Tours 2.0 project; in a way, this work is the conceptual genitor of the www.moldovatours.org website. It was drafted shortly before my arrival in Moldova in 2015. No citation of this article should be made by referring to the url […]

  • Twenty strange (and less strange) facts about Moldovans

    20 strange (and less strange) facts about Moldovans by Irina Staver     Photo: cojocari.ro Moldova, by definition, is a land of contrast. Foreigners visiting this country are pleasantly surprised by the beauty and picturesque locations, the hospitality of the locals, the tasty cuisine and the special wines. At the same time, we affirm with […]

  • Moldovan Folklore

    Moldovan Folklore – source of inspiration, creation and fascination for tourists!   ¨Folklore is mostly local. It’s the byproduct of an age, occupations, culture”   The term folklore has its etymology in English, and was first used on August 22, 1846 by archaeologist William J. Thoms. “Folk” means folk, and “lore” means science, so folklore […]

  • Hospitality – The Business Card of Moldovans

        Hospitality – The Business Card of Moldovans     ¨ I have much hope in this land of ours… Whose good and dignified heart is shown also in the usual hospitality, which it has inherited from its ancestors¨ M. KOGALNICEANU   Social science researchers on Moldova’s culture and liveslyle have noted the roots of […]

  • Monasteries of Romania

    Romania is undoubtedly a country of worship places, with some of the most beautiful churches and monasteries that are visited every year by many tourists and pilgrims. From churches painted on wood, from fortified churches to those listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, from monuments of Gothic architecture to Byzantine or Brancovean style, the […]

  • Foreign tourists come and look in Moldova for what they don’t have at home

    The following article was written by Natalia Munteanu, and published by Moldnova on 21 July 2017, and translated in English by Marc Pilkington https://moldnova.eu/ro/turistii-straini-cauta-moldova-ce-nu-au-acasa-19172.html/ The Republic of Moldova does not enjoy a touristic reputation, and foreign tourists come here mostly out of curiosity. However, those who choose to visit our country are attracted by gastronomy, […]

  • Who wants to know about the legend of Scoreni?

     THE FABULOUS LEGEND OF SCORENI   Home longing called me In the green forests   Moldova is full of picturesque places. Some are well known tourist attractions, and others are hidden from the eyes of the world, waiting to be discovered. One of these places is the village of Scoreni  in the Straseni district, situated […]

  • Discover Moldova

    “In the Moldovan landscape fixed among good people, the discreet nobility of the soul in this blessed province, I feel as if I am in my most favourable element. I feel in osmosis and in harmony with everything that is Moldovan”. George Enescu (1881-1955), composer, violinist, music director, pianist and educator (Romanian Moldavia) Discover Moldova […]