Moldova Tours 2.0 is a travel agency with a focus on Tourism 2.0. Moldova Tours organizes complete tours with guided visits of remarkable places, and quality accommodation / meals provided during the trip.

In 2016, we began with the inaugural Moldova Discovery Tour from 20 to 27 August. The 2.0 philosophy means that visitors are empowered and invited to generate (digital) content during their visit. Moldova Tours 2.0 provides a free online platform where users can interact and exchange this digital content according to their areas of interest.

The Moldova Tours 2.0 platform is made of a 2.0 forum (with a plurality of discussion themes to suit everyone’s needs), a video and a photo gallery. Moderation does take place on Moldova Tours 2.0, but simply to enforce the code of conduct. Within these community boundaries, free interaction is the norm. In 2017, the tour offering will be considerably expanded. On top of the Moldova Discovery Tour, we will offer the following standardized tours: the History and Nature Tour, the Monastery Tour, the Wine Tour. A stunning innovation will also be presented in 2017: the Moldovan Fraud Tour.

We will also offer a range of customized (tailor-made) Tours: the Corporate Moldova Tour, the Individual Moldova Tour and the Moldova Academic Tour.

Everyone has their own reason to come to Moldova. Let’s make it an enjoyable and interactive experience for all!