Tourism 2.0

  • The advent of web 2.0 has changed the way we interact online. That’s one thing. But more profoundly, it has changed the way we travel, the way we share experiences, learn from those of other people, draw on what we call collective intelligence. To put it simply, in web 2.0, you are actively engaging in a conversation with other community users rather than following a lecture.

    But, practically speaking, what does tourism 2.0 consist of? In tourism 2.0, the tourist is an active Internet user who participates in collaborative and participative experience. He is visiting the real world while interacting online with other stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem. What are the tools of tourism 2.0? It all starts when you plan your vacation, doesn’t it?


    No longer think of dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing a holiday as a linear sequence of events, but as concomitant events taking place in a vastly interconnected living organism, which is the tourism ecosystem itself, and tourism 2.0 is the online reflection of what is happening in the real world. This is precisely the objective of Moldova Tours 2.0. To be an interactive platform using the tools of Web 2.0 for visitors to the Republic of Moldova, whatever their origin, profile, motives and aspirations might be. It’s not just about comments on a specific hotel but also about cultural events, travelling tips on tourism destinations, museum advice, special exhibitions… On Moldova Tours 2.0 website, you will constantly share information and collaborate with other people. You will comment on what they are saying about Moldova, on the pictures and videos they have uploaded about their tourism experiences. On a standard travel agency website, things are just published out there in cyberspace by so-called “travel professionals” waiting for you to consult them… or not. On Moldova Tours 2.0, you will be publishing things yourself on different support types. For instance, you went on a short trip to Cricova wine caves yesterday, and took some nice pictures with your new Samsung Galaxy? The next day, you uploaded these pictures on Moldova Tours 2.0? Your pictures will be tagged like this: скачанные файлы or Cricovalogo

  • Like that, community users can retrieve your pictures more easily in the future… You can have even more precise tags like Alicia went to Tipova with her guitar yesterday…

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    Cool, isn’t it? You have just posted a video on Moldovan folk music? Let’s have people comment on it! Who knows, maybe someone on the other side of the planet knows about another Moldovan artist you don’t know yet and with whom you are going to fall in love soon?
    Do you know that on Moldova Tours 2.0, one can also upload one’s own podcasts?

    But what is a podcast? Think about it as a personal radio or a recorded diary. Someone you don’t know visited Orheiul Vecchi yesterday, and recorded some of his live comments while making the excursions? I am sure you’d like to listen to what this “someone” has to say about the visit, although you have never met him or her… But let’s use the tagging function again here if you want. You only want to listen to podcasts from people who come from Australia? Why not? Well, so be it. Click on the corresponding tag and narrow your choices…

    It’s not finished yet, you have already uploaded a couple great podcasts, and people want to hear more about you in the future? Let’s create a podcast channel and have people subscribe to it! You can also subscribe to pictures and videos, say… I don’t know from Soroca fortress.

    Imagine now that you are a European or American business person and you want to follow business news, say in the IT sector, from the Republic of Moldova. Let’s create an RSS aggregator!Instead of spending countless hours on Google to retrieve the information you need, it will come directly and automatically to you on your selected newsfeed on Moldova Tours 2.0…

    Subscribe to the newsfeed on Purcari and whenever there is a new article (or some new pictures if you wish), they will reach you directly on your customised newsfeed…
    There are so many other 2.0 functionalities you can use like Wikis, micro-blogging, professional communities (for example, designed for potential investors in Moldova).

    Good luck and enjoy the experience on Moldova Tours 2.0!